2021 – 3D simulation game made with Unity 3D for the ZJam (Zaragoza Jam). Soon on Steam!

2021 – Game in progress. Made with Unity 3D, a 2D pixel art, shooter game with Flappy Bird style mechanics.

2020 – Game made for the Spain Game Devs (Jam II) with Unity 3D, second prize winner in the art category.

2020 – Prototype of a 2D platform game made with Unity 3D, using the tilemap system.

2021 – Game made for the IndieDevDay Game Jam (2021) with Unity 3D where I participated as Game Designer.

2020 – An Unreal Engine 4 game programmed with Blueprints and with the assets of Infinity Blade: Grass Lands by Epic Games.

2018 – 2D Platformer Mobile Game made with Unity 2017 and Photoshop. Second part of Rabbit Dream.

2017 – 2D Runner Mobile Game made with Unity 2017 and Photoshop.

Yeray Toledano – Game Designer

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