Hunter Game

“Hunter Game” it’s an Unreal Engine 4 game programmed with Blueprints and with the assets of Infinity Blade: Grass Lands by Epic Games in 2020. This game was created in the Udemy workshop with Carlos Coronado, Game Designer and teacher.


You have to collect all the hammers in the level before the time runs out. Every time you pick up a hammer, the time will increase by 10 seconds. After picking all the hammer, you will have to go to the button to open the room with the magic portal.

How was made?

This game is made for Windows, developed with Unreal Engine 4 using the visual scripting Blueprint system. It was developed under the supervision and advice of Carlos Coronado, from the base maps, planning and level design. The assets are from Infinity Blade: Grass Lands by Epic Games.


Yeray Toledano – Game Designer

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