The Red Witch

The Red Witch is a prototype of a game made with Unity 3D in 2020 using the engine’s Tilemap system. The goal was to create a platform game with parallax background, puzzles and RPG-style narrative. It was also useful to see how level design works and works in a game of this style.

Main Mechanic

Change and control between the two main characters: The Witch and the Fox, each one with their own mechanics, both equally important to the gameplay. The Fox can jump higher, goes into burrows… The Witch cast spells, pushes buttons and levers…

Level Design

Step 01:

First of all I make an approximate diagram drawing it in my notebook, thinking about what the objective is, the elements that should appear and the difficulty level. This is one of the initial levels where the objective is for the player to become familiar with the jump mechanics, as it will be basic for the rest of the game. A level always has to have an objective, that could be:

  • Go to one point to another.
  • Explain a mechanic.
  • Explain some narrative.
  • Encourage exploration.
  • Or just give to the player some relaxing time!

And so many other things! But it’s important have the objective in your mind when you are building it.

Step 02:

Next I build the level in Unity, where I test it myself and check if it is too easy, too difficult or if it is necessary to enlarge or reduce the squares of distance between the jumps. It’s so much easier to build it when you already have it in your notebook.

Step 03:

Once this part is finished, I will dedicate myself to adding decorative elements of different types. Other elements must also be included, such as checkpoints, signals or dialog triggers. Remember to always test it with some friend!

Yeray Toledano – Game Designer

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