Curse of the Sea Rats

2.5D Solo or Co-op Hand-Animated Metroidvania Adventure with non-linear world, action platforming, bosses, and unique abilities.

Embark on a mission to lift an ancient curse!

Year 1777, Army Flagship HMS Barfleur sails back from the Caribbean Islands to Great Britain full of evil pirates captured and brought to the King George to be judged.

David Douglas, Buffalo Calf, Bussa and Akane Yamakawa must fight frantic waves of demonic monsters to rescue the Admiral’s son, capture Flora Burn, fierce pirate-witch and break the magic spell that has transformed them into rats.


Join the adventure!

Curse of the Sea Rats is a ‘ratoidvania’ platform adventure with lovingly crafted, hand-drawn animations. Embark on the epic journey of four prisoners of the British empire, transformed into rats by the notorious pirate witch, Flora Burn. To regain their human bodies, they will have to fight dangerous bosses, uncover the secrets of the vast Irish coast, and ultimately capture the witch who cursed them.


Our game is influenced by «Hollow Knight» in its combat system and enemy design, as well as in its gameplay feel.

Hollow Knight Cover
Hollow Knight

Inspired by «Castlevania: Symphony of the Night» both in the design of the enemies and the map.

Our game is influenced by «Monkey Island» in its classic story but with a touch of absurd and funny humor.


Inspired by «Blasphemous» in its combat, map and boss design.

Our game is influenced by «The Great Mouse Detective» on an artistic level to give Curse of the Sea Rats that classic Disney spirit.