Bratz: Flaunt your fashion

Casual Third-Person Adventure Game with Fetch-Quests and funny Mini-Games.

My contribution to the project as a Lead Game Designer:

Join the Bratz Pack!

The Bratz Pack has made an entrance – showcase your passion for fashion in a globe-trotting escapade to become the ultimate style reporter!

Throughout the captivating storyline, players will embark on a quest to uncover exciting stories, all while striving to create the trendiest online magazine. Along the way, they’ll lend a helping hand to friends and save the day. Becoming the finest reporter, having a blast, making new acquaintances, and journeying across the globe will all be part of the thrilling adventure.

Fashion Adventure!

Bratz is an engaging solo adventure-exploration game that relies on skill-based mini-games to unlock progression. It boasts RPG features and an abundance of customization choices, all presented in an eye-catching 3D art style.

The gameplay revolves around quests, mini-games, and the opportunity to personalize your character.

Divided into 3 distinct acts, the game’s storyline unfolds across different cities: Stilesville, Barcelona, and Seoul. Each city comprises a cluster of unique locations, maintaining a cohesive visual theme throughout.

Guiding Principles


Our game is influenced by «Pokémon Let’s Go!» with a similar visual style, exploration-driven gameplay, and quest-filled locations. However, we introduce unique battling and training mechanics to set it apart.

Inspired by «Animal Crossing» for character customization and self-expression gameplay aimed at a young audience. Similarities in collection and discovery, but without sandbox and world-building features.